Lesbian, Gay,Transgendered and Bisexual (LGTB)

Young Adult Bibliography

Lesbian, Gay,Transgendered and Bisexual (LGTB)

prepared by Jane M. Gangi, PhD

10 LGBT Teen Novels that Tackle Teen Suicide and Bullying:



10 Outstanding LGBT Teen Reads (from the last 10 years):

10 Outstanding LGBT Teen Reads (from the last 10 years)


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Also recommended:

Bauer, Marion Dane, Am I Blue? Coming Out from the Silence

Beam, Chris, I Am J

Brannen, Sarah S., Uncle Bobby’s Wedding

Burd, Nick, The Vast Fields of Ordinary

Donovan, John, I’ll Be There But It Better Be Worth the Trip

Farrey, Brian, With or Without You

Garden, Nancy, Annie on My Mind; Lark in the Morning; Good Moon Rising

Goode, Laura, Sister Mischief

Green, John and David Levithan, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Katcher, Brian, Almost Perfect

Kerr, M. E., Deliver Us from Evie; Night Kites

Kaufman, Moises and the Tectonic Theater Project, The Laramie Project

Leviathan, David, Boy Meets Boy

Merey, Ilike, a + e 4ever

Peters, Julie Anne, Luna

Rapp, Adam, Punkzilla

Sanchez, Alex, Rainbow Boys

St. James, James, Freak Show

Walker, Kate, Peter

Wilkinson, Lily, Pink

Wittlinger, Ellen, Parrotfish; Hard Love

Wright, Bill, Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy

Yee, Paul, Money Boy